Build Released

A new version of New Horizons Remastered has just been released, bringing a few new features, improvements and fixes that add a bit of polish to the experience. Read on for the highlights!

Dynamic Sky and Weather
We've added the Tenkoku Dynamic Sky asset to the game, which produces spectacular skies and weather effects on the fly. It features a full day/night transition, which we've set to an accelerated rate for this build so you can experience the full cycle in a short time. A longer cycle will be introduced in the next release.

As night falls, you will now see lanterns light up on land and on the ships.

You'll also notice a few visual enhancements to the town scene, added by RobinPC. The trees sway gently in the wind, and look far more natural than the original trees. Similar enhancements will be added to other scenes in future.

HMS Indefatigable
Players of the latest release of the PotC: New Horizons mod may already be familiar with this new ship. Recently built from scratch by Martes, the Indefatigable is the new player ship, and a very deadly one at that. She's a razée frigate featuring 44 24-pounder broadside guns and four 12-pounder chase guns. She is the first custom ship to be released simultaneously for both the NH mod and NHR, and hopefully not the last!

As a bonus, an original music track by Tempesta has been added to the ship deck scene (which is also from the Indefatigable) for you to enjoy before you set sail.

Dialogue System
This build also features the Dialogue System for Unity asset, which now lets us implement conversations similarly to the NH mod. Rhys Bloom has been added to this release to showcase the basic features of this system, including the first part of his quest dialogue for you to try out. The quest itself has not been implemented yet, but it's on the cards for a future update.

You'll see Rhys' face animate in some circumstances, which was made possible by replacing his normal head with the animated head model from PotC. This can be animated independently of the rest of the body, opening up plenty of opportunities for cutscenes and quest dialogue.

Changelog Menu
Although not the most exciting feature, you can now view a changelog directly from the Main Menu screen to see the complete list of changes in this build. Check back in future builds to keep up with the latest features and bug fixes.

As always, we'd love to know what you think about the latest build. You can discuss the game on our forums or our new Discord server, but please report any bugs on our Issue tracker as usual. Have fun! :dance


New Horizons Remastered - x86 331 MB
Version Sep 12, 2017
New Horizons Remastered - x64 334 MB
Version Sep 12, 2017

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I hope all the Disney trash has been removed.