A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

New Horizons Remastered is a new project to port the best mod content produced by the PiratesAhoy! community to Unity.

This is being developed as a standalone game and will include features such as exploration, fencing, sailing, ship combat, quests and more.

For more information, and if you want to contribute to the project, visit us at www.piratesahoy.net.

NOTICE: This is an early development build of the game. The assets and gameplay mechanics in this build do NOT represent the quality or full feature set of the final product.

More information

Published Jul 07, 2017
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Linux
PublisherPiratesAhoy! Community
AuthorsPiratesAhoy!, Armada, CaptainMurphy
GenreRole Playing
TagsPirates, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityConfigurable controls

Install instructions

We recommend using the Itch desktop client to receive automatic updates.

However, if you prefer not to use the client, please make sure you install game updates into an empty folder. Do not overwrite any previous installs, as this could cause the game not to run properly.

This is a standalone game, NOT a mod. DO NOT attempt to install the game on top of Pirates of the Caribbean or any other game, as it will not run properly.


New Horizons Remastered - x86 331 MB
Version 73 days ago
new-horizons-remastered-linux-x86.zip 341 MB
Version 65 days ago
New Horizons Remastered - x64 334 MB
Version 73 days ago

Development log


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Hey, Im actually in love with this game. I have it on CD but my new laptop can't read CD's so I've decided to download it for free. I found this website and the work ur guys doing and im really interested on working on it. I've been working with unity for about 2 years. I'm studiying Software Engineering (2nd year) but if been programming and modeling (a bit less but I know the basics) since 15. If this is a project looking to remastered the Classic of Piracy with no interest in monetizing ill really want to join. Writte me an e-mail (dunno if you can see it in my profile or even send me a private... im new in this website xd) and ill be glad to know your terms (if there are any)

I cannot enter the gate? How am i supposed to continue??

Hi, yesterday i downloaded the demo and when i wanted to play it this morning it crashed and gave me a crash report folder named 2017-10-17_103016

Hi all, I hope you're enjoying the latest build. We'd love to know how well it runs on your PC, so please drop by our forum and tell us about it if you get a chance: http://www.piratesahoy.net/threads/performance-testing.28721/

i can only walk around in the harbour??

Will there also be the old music in the game from the original one in your remaster? - I loved it! :)

Only the music that is under no copyright, or a copyright that allows it to be used. We will be adding the ability to mod the game, and that will include adding music scores through those tools, so they can be added by users later, just not as part of the core game.


Hi everyone, you can get a sneak peek at the latest developments in this thread on our forums: http://www.piratesahoy.net/threads/progress-screenshots.28108/#post-557998

We'll post a more detailed article with the main changes when the next build is released.

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@Dalek i was lost after he went towards the first man on the dock , geeezus

i've been wanting a good game with pirates, Sea battles  etc... im hoping this will eventually quench my thirst for that


so, is this game going to be like the original new horizons mod, just updated with new stuff and new engine? or will this one be completely different?

The New Horizons mod is the template we're following, to a certain extent. Some features will be improved or implemented slightly differently to modernise the gameplay where appropriate (such as camera controls, fencing and UI elements).

Una pregunta, esta demo esta en español? 

Is the demo in Spanish?

Hi, the demo is only in English right now. Other languages might come later, once the game has more features.

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A quick question from a itch noob - after registering it seems to give me the same options as if I had just downloaded the installer - but I thought i read it should be doing some sort of automatic version update? Is it the follow option on RHS? Collection?

When you run the itch program there is an update button under the game details. 

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Ah - im even noobier than I thought - there is an itch programme?? I'm just on a website.

Edit: have it working now - thanks

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Is there sailing in the demo? if so, how do i sail, Also in the future will there be ghost ships in the game?

you walk to the end of the pier and you can get onto the ship

what button do i press?

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An icon should pop up (i think its an anchor?) and you then press enter i think, or maybe f3. If you don;t see the anchor you have an old version.

Edit - it is F3

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Yes, there is sailing, and you can board your ship to enter sailing mode as described above. Sailing works like PotC, using W and S to raise/lower sails and A/D to turn.

As for ghost ships, there aren't any plans for supernatural elements in the core game. However, we will let modders add their own storylines and quests as additional downloads, which may include content like that.


Will there be a monthly update or whenever you feel like it?


Updates will come as often as we can manage, for now.

Good looking game. Jumping would be nice and not very hard to implement quickly. If you ever need another programmer I'd love to help :)

Jumping, climbing, and other 3d movements are not going to be planned until after the 1.0 version is functional.

Deleted post

Good luck to you guys!

Looks amazing

Looks like SeaDogs?

thats kinda the point with it being a "remaster" of New Horizons which is a mod for sea dogs 2